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Below you'll find the answers to commonly asked questions.  If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact us on 13 61 91 or email info@sydneymutual.bank



Can anyone become a member?

To join Sydney Mutual Bank and become a member you will need to subscribe for one member share ($0.00) in the Mutual Bank. For more details and how to apply, please check www.sydneymutual.bank/AboutUs/BecomeAMember.


Credit and Debit Cards


How to activate a Visa card?

1. If you’re already registered for Internet Banking, log in via our website at www.sydneymutual.bank then go to the ‘Services & Help’ menu, click on Card Activation and follow the prompts

2. If you're already registered for Telephone Banking, log in by calling 13 61 91  and press option 1 - Follow the prompts to activate your card.

3. Ring our Call Centre on 13 61 91 (Monday to Friday 8:00am – 7:00pm and Saturdays 8.30am - 11.30am) and press option 2. A call centre staff member will then activate this card for you

4. Or visit your local branch


What are the daily transaction limits?

Please refer to our Fees & Charges and Transaction Limits for maximum daily limits for external electronic transfers and NPP transactions.


What to do if I forgot my card PIN?

You can change your card's PIN number without knowing your old PIN via the mobile app. Log into the mobile app, select the ‘Cards’ option from the ‘Accounts’ screen, and then ‘Change PIN’. You don't need to know your old PIN, simply enter a new PIN, tick 'I don't know my PIN', confirm the new entered PIN and then select ‘Update’. The change of PIN is effective immediately.


How do I change my card PIN?

You may change the PIN of your card in the Cards section of the Mobile Banking app.


How do I report a lost or stolen card?

To report lost or stolen cards during business hours (Mon-Fri: 8am - 7pm, Saturday: 8.30am - 11.30am Sydney time), please call us on 13 61 91. Outside of business hours please call 1800 648 027. If you are overseas and you want to report your lost or stolen Visa card, please visit www.visa.com.au/support/consumer/lost-stolen-card.html

You can also use the Mobile Banking app to report a card lost or stolen by selecting the ‘Cards’ option from the ‘Home’ screen, and then selecting ‘Report Lost or Stolen Card’. This will cause all transactions attempted on the card to be declined, including any recurring payments, balance updates and transfers performed via the Mobile Banking app. 


How do I dispute a transaction?

Is there a transaction on your credit or debit card that you don’t think you made? Some merchants have trading names that differ from their business names, company names or brand names.

You can search online to find out about the merchant’s name on your statement. That should show you any other business names that merchant uses and maybe you will see a name you recognise. If you are sure you have not authorised the transaction and you need to raise a dispute, please visit https://www.sydneymutual.bank/card-transaction-dispute


How much money can I withdraw from an ATM in one day?

The standard daily card cash limit is $1,000 AUD. When using ATMs outside Australia please note that other daily limits may apply.


Do I need to notify Sydney Mutual Bank prior to Traveling overseas?

To make sure your cards stay active while you’re away, you can let us know your travel plans using the Mobile Banking mobile app, calling us on 13 61 91, or visiting us in-branch before you go.


Does Sydney Mutual Bank have cardless cash?

Currently there is no cardless cash facility at Sydney Mutual Bank. We intend to add this feature in a future release of the Mobile Banking App.


BSB, account & member numbers


What is Sydney Mutual Bank BSB number?

The BSB for Sydney Mutual Bank is 611 001.


What is my account number?

Your Account number is your Member number, and you may find it printed on your statements. If you do not have any statements available, you need to call us on 13 61 91 or pop into your local branch in order to retrieve your account number.


How do I find my external account number?

Your account identifier is your Member number followed by a letter and number identifying the account type (e. g. 123456S1, 123456L1.1). The 9-digit account number corresponding to each of your account identifiers may be found in the Internet Banking, in the Account list, and also under Services & Help / BSB Information.


What is my member number?

You may find your Member number on your welcome email or letter you received when you joined, and it's also printed on your statements. If you do not have any of these available, you need to call us on 13 61 91 or pop into your local branch in order to retrieve your member number.


Transactions and Funds


How to check what funds I have available to redraw?

The funds available to redraw are displayed in your Internet Banking account and your Mobile Banking mobile app, if you are registered for Internet Banking. You may also use Phone Banking service which gives you 24-hour access to your accounts via a secure, automated phone service - simply call 13 61 91 from any touch-tone phone and follow the voice prompts.


Can I send or receive a SWIFT payment?

For details on sending or receiving SWIFT payments please visit this page


Can I stop or cancel a transaction while it is in pending?

You're unable to stop or cancel the transaction until it is complete. It generally takes 3 to 5 business days to process a transaction, although it can take up to 10 business days or longer. You need to wait until the transaction is complete and is no longer a pending transaction if you wish to dispute it.


How do I cancel a direct debit?

To stop or alter a Direct Debit, just:

  • call our contact centre on 13 61 91
  • email us at info@sydneymutual.bank
  • write to us at PO Box 881, Haymarket, NSW 1240
  • visit a branch and let our staff know

at least three (3) business days before the next payment is to be made. We recommend that you also let the direct debit supplier know as well.


Is there a limit for BPay transactions?

A limit of $20,000 applies per day for BPAY transactions.


Is there a cut off time for BPAY payments?

Payments made before 4.00pm (EST) on a business day will be forwarded on the same day. Payments made after this time will be forwarded on the next working day.


What is Sydney Mutual Bank's cheque deposit clearance period?

All cheques drawn on an Australian bank in AUD are generally cleared within 3-4 business days. Foreign cheques require 45 days plus.


What's the deposit clearance period?

All cheques drawn on an Australian bank in AUD are generally cleared within 3-4 business days. Foreign cheques require 45 days plus.


Term Deposits


What's the minimum investment amount for a Term Deposit?

The minimum investment amount is $5,000.


What's the minimum and maximum term on a Term Deposit

The minimum term on a Term Deposit is 3 months and the maximum term is 3 years.


How do I open a TD?

You can open a Term Deposit at a branch, over the phone or online via Internet Banking.

Term Deposits opened online are for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months and will have the standard rate applied for the term, with interest to be paid at maturity. The maturity payment instructions for principal and interest are defined by the member in Internet Banking when opening the Term Deposit account online. There are no set up or establishment fees and the interest is calculated on a per annum basis. For longer term deposits of $1m and over, please contact us in branch or over the phone.




How do I access online statements?

If you are receiving paper statements and need to switch to your online statements, please contact us.


Where do I find online statements?

If you are registered for Internet Banking, simply log on, click the ‘Accounts’ tab and select ‘Online Statements’ to find your online statements.


Internet Banking

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Mobile Banking App

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