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What is the difference between the Member Number and Account Number?

A member number is a unique number that identifies you from all other Sydney Mutual Bank customers. Your member number is used to log into Internet Banking, and when speaking with our staff, helping us to quickly locate your member profile when assisting you.

Within your membership, various accounts (transaction account, savings account, loan account) can be opened. Each of these accounts have an account identifier, which is your member number followed by a suffix (letter and number) identifying the account type (e. g. 123456S1, 123456L1.1).

Using your 9-digit Account Number to receive / debit funds

For companies, government bodies and anyone who makes credits or debits to your Sydney Mutual Bank accounts you need to quote our BSB number and the 9-digit account number linked to your account.
You can locate the 9-digit account number in your Internet Banking, along with the account identifiers described above, on the first screen after login or accessing the Accounts List option in the Accounts menu.

To help you easily identify your accounts, in Internet Banking you also have the option of giving accounts simple names like ‘Bills’, ‘Holidays’ etc. To find out more about this feature, please click here.

You can also find your account number on your bank Statement or eStatement - look for the field labeled Account Number or Account.

If you need further assistance, please contact us on 13 61 91.