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Important change in the upcoming mobile app

Personalising your accounts names

In 2019, we merged with Endeavour Mutual Bank to form a robust organisation of close to 75,000 members. Since the merger, Australian Mutual Bank has conducted dual branding by trading as Sydney Mutual Bank and Endeavour Mutual Bank.

As communicated earlier this year via the Newsletter, the dual branding will cease in 2021 and all members will be brought together under the Australian Mutual Bank brand.

In the last week of October, we will roll out a new website, new Internet Banking, a new mobile banking app, new cards and statements, in the new brand Australian Mutual Bank.

A change to the way your account number will display in the new app

To unify the mobile app experience for all our members, there will be a change to the way your account numbers will be displayed in the new Australian Mutual Bank mobile app.

Currently, your account identifier for each account is displayed as your member number followed by a letter and number which identifies the type of account e.g. 12345S1, 12345L1.


In the new Australian Mutual Bank mobile banking app, which will be released soon, the account identifier will be replaced with your account number which is a 9-digit number. This account number is the same number that is displayed in Internet Banking.


Making this change within the app will ensure that your account number is not only uniform with Internet Banking but also meets a standard that is consistent across the banking industry.

Personalise your account names to assist with the change

Account names can be personalised by logging into Internet Banking via a desktop and pressing on ‘Account Options’ followed by ‘Personalise Account Names’. To better organise and identify your accounts you can give them simple names, such as 'Groceries' or 'Rent', or you can name them after your specific goals like 'House Deposit'.

After saving the new names in Internet Banking, the app will then display your new, personalised account names.

Please note, the bank’s official records for the name of the account will not change. For payment purposes use the official name of your membership.

If you have any questions about the upcoming change, please call 13 61 91 or email us at info@sydneymutual.bank and one of your friendly member service officers will help you.